🤖Bot Tutorial


Before we proceed, it's important to note that while our bot is freely accessible, there is a transaction fee of 1% applied to all transactions. This fee is incurred to cover the costs associated with providing our services and maintaining the platform.

  1. Head over to bot and press /start

  2. Send /exchanges to summon panel displaying multiples exchanges.

  3. Choose your exchanges by tapping to the button.

  4. A message regarding the selected exchange were sent, Reply to message, put in amount you want to exchanges

  5. A message regarding the amount were sent. Reply to message, put in wallet address that will receiving the assets.

  6. Confirm all your detail, and press on Confirm if you have checked all the detail and it's correct

  7. A deposit address will show up with all the details regarding the exchange, sent the amount you selected to that address.

  8. User also can use /track command to keep update on their order.

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