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BridgeBot's Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do I need to connect my wallet?

— No, our exchange does not require connecting any wallet. Users can use it without connecting their wallet.

Is it free to use?

— The bot is free to access for everyone, but there are usage fees. When using our exchange, users will be charged a 1% tax on every exchange. These fees are utilized to maintain the bot and provide rewards to the community.

Who will cover the gas fees on both chains?

— The gas fees will be borne by the user. As a middlebot, we prioritize minimizing transaction costs to maximize returns for our users.

How many exchanges are available to use?

— We currently focus on providing five pairs for users who prefer not to be tracked or engage in copy trading. Over time, we will progressively enhance the number of available pairs, ensuring a steady increase in the future.

Is it associated with any exchanges?

— No, we are not associated with any exchanges. However, we leverage's services since they have made their API publicly accessible.