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BridgeBot's Features

Bridge Bot is the first bridge that acts to bridge your funds using Telegram Bot.
All transactions using our bot are being charged 1% for each transaction.

Fast and Secure

Our bot performs a seamless process by first exchanging your assets, then bridging and mixing them. This ensures efficient management, secure transfers, and enhanced privacy for your transactions.

Multiple Exchanges

For now, we have up to five exchange directions, with more to come. We are focusing on bridging between BSC and ETH pairs. However, we are still adding more pairs other than these, and we welcome any suggestions.
These pair are based on popular choices previously made by users on the other bridge website.
Users just need to deposit their assets to a specific wallet address, and then we will handle the process.

Exchange - We swap your assets, providing the best price and swap fee. Our priority is to maximize returns and secure the best rates for your assets before initiating the swap.

Bridge and Mix - We bridge your assets to another blockchain and securely deliver them to you without any association to your wallet or deposit wallet.

Ongoing Shibarium Bridge

The team is aware that Shibarium will be launched next week, and we are working diligently on this bridge to ensure that all users benefit from this bot.