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Token Rewards

Staking Rewards

— For holders who choose to stake their $BRIDGE tokens, they have the opportunity to earn attractive rewards with an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of up to 122%.

Discounted Fees

— Holders who maintain a minimum balance of 0.25% of the total tokens are eligible to enjoy a substantial benefit. By meeting this requirement, they become eligible for a generous 20% discount on transaction fees, allowing them to save on costs while actively participating in transactions within the ecosystem.

Exclusive Access

— Holders who maintain a minimum of 1% of the total tokens will receive an exclusive invitation to join a privileged group. This group offers a host of advantages, including access to future benefits, unparalleled first-class support, and direct communication channels with our dedicated team. By being a part of this exclusive community, you'll gain insights into upcoming developments and have the opportunity to actively shape the future of our project.